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We've got the keys when you need them.

Whether your keys are lost or you're locked out of your vehicle. Our locksmiths can create even the most challenging key on-site. 

Ignition Key Repair

Ignition key repair locksmith work involves the professional restoration, replacement, or adjustment of ignition keys, cylinders, or associated mechanisms in vehicles to restore functionality and ensure proper vehicle operation.

Replacment Keys

Car replacement key services encompass the skilled provision of duplicate or new keys for vehicles, often necessitated by lost, damaged, or malfunctioning originals, ensuring continued access and operation of the vehicle.

Car Lock Repairs

Car lock repair services involve the expert assessment, maintenance, and restoration of vehicle locking mechanisms, addressing issues such as jammed or malfunctioning locks, to ensure optimal security and functionality of the vehicle's entry and ignition systems.

On-site Key Cutting

Cutting car keys on-site entails the proficient creation of vehicle keys directly at the location of the vehicle.  Enabling immediate access and operation of the vehicle without the need for towing or additional logistics.

Cincinnati and Dayton Automotive Locksmith Services


Frozen Locks

On-site Cutting


Ignition Keys



Local Xpert Locksmith Solutions

Automotive Locksmith Services


Frozen Locks

Ignition Key Repair

Service All Makes and Models

Key Extractions

Key Replacement

Car Lock Repairs

Car Key Chip Repair

Locked Steering Wheels

On-site Key Cutting

Xpert Locksmith Car Expertise and Services

When you hire the locksmith near you for your emergency car key services. You are guaranteed a friendly and honest experience with the Xpert. 

Xpert Locksmiths in your community.

Our expertise in ignition key repair, car replacement keys, car lock repairs, and on-site key cutting, they provide prompt solutions to common automotive dilemmas, saving time and hassle for residents. Beyond our technical proficiency, our locksmiths often prioritize customer service, offering personalized assistance and advice tailored to individual needs. Their presence in the community fosters a sense of trust and reliability, knowing that help is readily available when needed most. 

These satisfied customers chose their local locksmith.


Xpert Locksmiths provided a needed service that was completed in a timely and professional manner. His fees are very reasonable and he communicates well. I have him as my go-to-lock specialist for any future lockset needs.


Very friendly staff and affordable!! Service was fast and done correctly. This company has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars to get a copy of my car key compared to other companies around the city.


We needed an office key made while the occupant was on a zoom: Jim made the key so fast and so quietly that it didn’t disrupt the call at all. Plus! He was so friendly and funny. 5 out of 5, would recommend.


Jim is fantastic! Called Friday afternoon to rekey some house locks and was taken care of Saturday morning. Great service great team! I highly recommend Jim.

You've reached our new home and brand. Formerly Lang's Locks.
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