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Entry security for your business is one less problem you should have to deal with. Let our experts help keep your business safe. 

Feel comfortable. Feel secure.

Master Key

A locksmith capable of crafting master keys for a business offers unparalleled convenience, streamlined access control, and enhanced security, simplifying key management while ensuring efficient operations.

Business Locksmith

Engaging in a conversation with a locksmith for a business such as a shop or store provides invaluable insights into optimizing security measures, ensuring seamless access for employees, and safeguarding valuable assets.

Electric and Keyless

Keyless entry systems for businesses offers the convenience of secure, customizable access solutions tailored to the unique needs of each enterprise, enhancing efficiency and bolstering security measures seamlessly.

Emergency Repairs

An emergency locksmith service for businesses provides swift and reliable solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding valuable assets with prompt assistance during critical situations, thus minimizing downtime and potential losses.

Cincinnati and Dayton Business Locksmith Services

Master Key



Keyless Entry

Access Security



Lock Repairs

Commercial Locksmith Services

The Locksmith Your Business Can Trust.

Locksmith for Business

Panic Hardware

Biometric Locks

Business Key Cutting

Business Lock Repair

Business Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Franchise Locksmith

Store Front Locksmith

Industrial Locksmith

Lock Installation

Lock Repair

Business Lockout

Commercial Lockout

Business Security

Xpert Locksmith Expertise and Services

Xpert Locksmiths in your community

Our commercial and industrial locksmith services are tailored to the unique needs of businesses, offering expert solutions for complex security challenges, including access control systems, high-security locks, and master key systems, ensuring comprehensive protection for your premises and assets. With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology, we deliver efficient and reliable locksmith services, minimizing disruptions and optimizing security measures to safeguard your business's operations and reputation.

These satisfied customers chose their local locksmith.


Xpert Locksmiths provided a needed service that was completed in a timely and professional manner. His fees are very reasonable and he communicates well. I have him as my go-to-lock specialist for any future lockset needs.


Very friendly staff and affordable!! Service was fast and done correctly. This company has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars to get a copy of my car key compared to other companies around the city.


We needed an office key made while the occupant was on a zoom: Jim made the key so fast and so quietly that it didn’t disrupt the call at all. Plus! He was so friendly and funny. 5 out of 5, would recommend.


Jim is fantastic! Called Friday afternoon to rekey some house locks and was taken care of Saturday morning. Great service great team! I highly recommend Jim.

You've reached our new home and brand. Formerly Lang's Locks.
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